Container terminal management system - CTMS. Depot yard operations software.

Inland Depot management system (CDMS/CTMS) that allows you to keep track of last loaded/empty containers, repair costs, Gate In/Out operations, requests of supply chain, use a holder freight station with this entire storage map, calculate automated invoicing in real time.

The program united the yard planning at the terminal into a single core. Systems is part of TOS.

Introducing an innovative and technologically advanced Container Depot Management – UI software, designed to enhance your operational efficiency, reduce costs, and expedite Gate Movements, World-class M&R, operations, and billing. This cutting-edge system operates in real-time, boasts outstanding EDI capabilities, and offers comprehensive functionality, all while being user-friendly at the operator level. With extensive reporting and analysis tools, you can now manage your containers park.

Our Container Terminal Management system supports to Empties/loaded, General Cargo, Reefers, Tanks, Tankers (including tank cleaning), Lifter Job Scheduling at the yard, Carrier Bookings, OCR, and even boasts the world’s first animated 3D Visual Depot and 2D Depot. Powered by an mysql database.

For a more comprehensive logistics solution, you can opt to include our integrated Contpark Financials, advanced Container Transport module (Contpark.Gate), and Contpark.WMS/ERP – our leading Warehouse records system – providing you with a complete and integrated logistics environment at sea or inland ports.


  • Customisable calendar for booking time slots.
  • Future-dated bookings, enabling carriers to reserve slots
  • Acceptance and release bookings.
  • Booking validation
  • Export/Import records
  • History, allowing for quick retrieval of the booking history of any container
  • Pending bookings, which provide an overview of all current bookings and allow for adjustments as needed.

An intelligent CTMS – management system can include a number of features that allow you to easily manage your container terminals with operations. These features include recording container Gate In/Out, status changes, yard services, transfers, and complete tracking with a detailed history at the terminal. The automatic fee calculation feature allows you to create invoices, daily/weekly storage charges, and repairs (M&R) costs, including repair estimates and billing with advanced costing grids, Reefer repairs. Also enables you to track repairs profitability and stock control.

With multiple terminals, and multi-language capabilities, this system caters to your unique business needs. You can access the full container and transaction history with detailed drilldown and generate detailed reporting, daily logs, and client revenue reporting with graphs, which can be exported to Excel, PDF, or email. Our unique ‘Generic EDI‘ feature allows for easy import and export of any EDI files.

You can use the embedded SQL Query with export to Excel for ad-hoc reporting and quickly perform online container status enquiries and release requests. This also provides transport management, including rail options.

Additional options CTMS (Container Terminal management system) include hand-held repair estimates on Android portable data terminals or mobile/cell phones, hand-helds for gate in/out, yard services, releases, and more. The program features an operating country selector with invoice/tax rules for the country selected, internet client access, and inquiries. You can also use fork-mounted RF units and OCR at Gate and on Lifter Arms.

We have mobility features that provide seamless integration with Android or Windows Hand Held PDA’s, Tablets, and Mobile Phones, empowering operators to perform a wide range of tasks. With these devices, operators can quickly and easily perform Gate In, Gate Out, Repair Estimates (including ‘Simplified Estimates’), Yard Services, Stocktakes, and enter From/To Location or just new location details.

The Gate In/Gate Out Hand Held program includes Carrier ‘Sign on Glass’ functionality, followed by the option to print the signed Electronic Interchange Receipt (EIR) on the belt-mounted printer, with multiple copies available. Additionally, supports Tank and Tanker Washes, allowing you to easily manage these processes on the go.

Our digital management platform provides a comprehensive solution for the challenges facing container parks and other maritime facilities. With powerful apps for inventory management, inbound and outbound logistics execution, and overall facility governance, our software is a valuable resource for maintaining and increasing capacity and throughput.

Our solution is tailored to meet the specific needs of container parks and other maritime facilities, with a flexible architecture and configuration that can be adapted to different environments and challenges. With continuous updates and real-time data analysis, our software allows authorities to make necessary decisions and adapt to changing conditions with ease.

Our platform offers many benefits, including increased efficiency and effective use of resources. With a focus on throughput optimization and inventory management, our software helps maintain a steady workflow and reduce the complexity of container park operations.

With weather disturbance being a common challenge in maritime operations, our software provides solutions for managing these issues and maintaining smooth operations. With a strong focus on marine execution, our platform ensures that the facility is able to function effectively even in the face of difficult weather conditions.

In conclusion, our management platform for container parks is a valuable resource for maritime facilities of all types. With its powerful capabilities and flexible architecture, it provides a solution for the challenges faced by these facilities and helps ensure that they can operate effectively and efficiently.

Contpark.Depot platform

is a revolutionary Container Depot and Port Yard management system that represents the greatest paradigm shift in this industry. By utilizing our unique Global GPS RTK systems and advanced global software algorithms, you can automatically record placement position, angle, and level anywhere in the yard. This feature saves valuable time for lifter operators and provides you with the ability to ‘see’ through stacks with our World First animated 3D Visual Depot. Enhanced utilization allows you to store more boxes in the same area, leading to improved operational efficiency.


The Contpark.Truck application is another key feature which allows drivers to enter the depot using their booking number. Bookings are validated, the Boom Gate is activated, and a Lifter Job is then created, notifying the Hoist/RTG operator that a truck has arrived and requires movement. Optionally, unmanned Kiosk entry by Driver or OCR validation is possible. Also creates a truck queue.


The Yard Manager application, which runs from inside a Lifter hoist or RTG gantry, is installed in a ruggedized tablet. Lifter drivers can view a list of pickup/dropoff jobs from the Kiosk on their in-cab mobile computers (trucks that have passed through the boom gate), pick a job, and unload or load the container as required, visually verifying the Carrier/Rego/No. (if it is a dropoff) and recording the Container No. Also includes Yard Job scheduling, auto Lifter allocations, and auto Yard location allocations, making the scheduling process much smoother and more efficient.


CTMS is an optional module available in both Contpark.Depot and Contpark.Terminal, offering Carrier Bookings functionality. Using a secure website login, carriers can submit booking requests via Contpark.Logist, which serves as the front-end interface for Contpark.Depot & Contpark.Bookings software. The platform provides real-time visibility into container status and availability at the wharf, enabling carriers or clients to check before making a booking. Through Contpark.Logist, carriers can schedule pickups and drop-offs of containers at any depot. The operator manages Contpark.Booking using a dedicated interface, which offers powerful controls over the entire booking.

Features operating system: ​

Containers records
  • Empty/loaded, tanks, trailers, vehicles, trucks
  • Type/size
  • Depot handling
Gate management
  • Gate-in/out
  • Real-time transportation’s visibility products for business
  • Vehicles parking time-slot
  • Accounting for orders and arrivals
Reachstacker Tasks
  • Manage a reach stackers’ transfer, other employees on a tablet
  • Tasks for lifting equipment, performance monitoring
Yard management system (YMS)
  • Movements’ analytics by customers’ stocks
  • Yard visualization, implementation
  • Warehouse constructor platform
  • Location of rows and tiers
  • 2D/3D virtual yard map
  • Detailed reports’ generation for customer service, sending messages and alerts
  • export doc/xls/pdf
  • Dock activities’ development/maintenance
  • Improved loads’ monitoring/auditing
  • Save time/money
  • Incresae productivity
  • Shipments’s prioritizing
  • Personal accounts for staff, customers
  • Roll settings
  • Owner account
  • Fulfill a monitoring’s needs/requirements
  • Container movement optimization
All OS support. mobile + desktop
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Macos
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Every week
  • online data exchange via EDI / API with Shipping Lines
  • monitoring of reachstackers and crane
  • English
  • Spain
  • Germany
  • Frances
  • Russian
  • Chineses
  • etc countries
Action history
  • Accounting for all changes on the terminal
Maintenance repair
  • Visual damage editor service
  • Acceptance/refusal of repair
  • Operation notifications
  • Chat with clients
  • Support for customer




freeware demo – 14 days Download presentation / brochure (PDF)



Personnel training and implementation at the enterprise.



Record of containers at the site. Empty, loaded, refrigerated.
Document printing (PDF|DOC|XLS)
Repair and maintenances module. Creation of mend lists and acceptance by the customer through a personal account.
Finance module. Calculation and creation of invoices. Individual rates, taking into account the day of free storage.
History of changes / editing of information at the terminal.
EDI data exchange with global lines (Maersk, CMA-CGM, etc.) About receiving, dispatching, and mending status.
Import of your database (Excel, XML, CSV)
Formation of trains. Unloading/loading of boxes onto wagons.
Reservoir freight station with 2D and 3D map of terminals
Personnel training/implementation.
Tasks for handling equipment.
Trial period
Storage 10 Gb 30 Gb 50 Gb
Monthly discount price From 450€ On request On request


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