Cloud-based Terminal Operating System (TOS)

  • The best platform in logistics
  • Container terminal management in Dry Port/Inland/Intermodal 
  • SaaS platform (cloud solution). Access from anywhere in the world.
  • Accounting for storage and handling operations
  • Comprehensive invoicing / Automated reporting to global shipping lines
  • AiVision.Contpark. Intelligent real-time recognition of container/platform numbers using artificial intelligence.
  • Adaptability to any direction in logistics. Vehicle queuing and time-slotting.
  • Yard tracking & planning area.
  • Modern cargo platform with AI
  • Improving performance KPIs / Cost effective > 30-80%
  • CTMS / TOS / CDMS – installation 1 day
  • Windows / Android / MacOS / IOS / Linux
  • Sending automatic reports to customers
  • Support 24/7
Terminal Operating System Software
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Container Terminal Operating
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Intermodal Terminal Operating
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Operating System Terminal Software
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Container Depot Management
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Increase in revenue due to all processes optimization

Container Management
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ContPark: The Pinnacle of Cloud-Based Terminal Operating System Development

Developed at the forefront of cloud-based TOS technology, ContPark marks a significant advancement in cargo management systems for container terminals, ports, and inland depots. Crafted by experts, ContPark offers unparalleled automation and optimization for managing various cargo types, powered by advanced cloud technology for maximum operational efficiency and adaptability to global trade demands.

Core Features of ContPark:

  • Advanced Cloud Architecture: ContPark’s cloud infrastructure integrates a sophisticated KPI system, supporting strategic workload planning and real-time data access for informed decisions.
  • Automated Cargo Management Processes: Facilitates efficient cargo coordination among trucks, reach stackers, cranes, and personnel, leveraging automation to streamline operations.

Comprehensive Management Functionality:

  • Yard Management: Utilizes machine learning algorithms for container storage optimization, enhancing yard space and throughput.
  • Crane Allocation and CHE Management: Employs dynamic logic for crane allocation and CHE management, improving handling efficiency.
  • Integrated Rail, Gate, and Truck Management: Features advanced scheduling systems and seamless integration with rail operations, optimizing gate and truck movements.
  • User-Friendly Security and Access Control: Implements robust security protocols, ensuring data integrity and system protection.
  • Central Database with Real-Time Tracking: Offers a centralized repository for precise cargo movement tracking.
  • Adaptive Reporting Tools: Provides dynamic reporting for strategic insights into terminal operations.

Technology and Integration via API: Leveraging cloud technology and supporting API integration, ContPark enhances logistics management by enabling communication with external systems, such as EDIFACT, mobile connectivity, wireless LANs, RFID, and DGPS for seamless cargo flow monitoring.

Vessel and Berth Management:
ContPark enhances operational efficiency by seamlessly integrating with leading maritime scheduling platforms. This strategic approach allows for real-time tracking and optimal utilization of berths, indirectly leveraging external advanced scheduling capabilities to ensure minimized vessel turnaround times and maximized berth efficiency.

Seamless Integration with Third-Party Systems: ContPark’s architecture is designed for easy integration with third-party systems like finance and yard management tools, broadening its logistics sector utility.

Developed by professionals with vast software development and logistics management experience, ContPark combines technological innovation with deep industry insights. This SaaS, customizable, and cloud-based TOS for inter-terminal collaboration and multi-modal operations sets new standards in cargo management and operational efficiency, embodying a user-friendly, secure, and integrated solution for modern terminal challenges.


What are the benefits of terminal operating system?

Labor productivity from 30 to 80%

Updates and maintenance free of charge

Transparent activity with clients. Great efficiency of terminal staff.

Inventory of wagons/platforms/trucks and ships

Design Editor - your own terminal

Free 14-days demo version


What is a terminal operating system?

A terminal operating system (TOS) is a computer software system that manages and controls the operations of a container terminal. It is responsible for coordinating all the activities that take place in a terminal, from the incoming and outgoing cargo to the handling of equipment and personnel.

How does a TOS work?

A TOS works by centralizing all the information needed to operate a terminal, such as container location, vessel schedules and yard plans. It then uses this data to optimize the terminal’s operations, streamline the flow of cargo and minimize waiting time for vessels, trucks and other equipment.

What are the benefits of using a TOS?

There are multiple benefits to using a TOS, including:

– Increased terminal efficiency and productivity

– Improved inventory control and accuracy

– Better visibility and tracking of container movements

– Enhanced safety and security measures

– Improved communication between all terminal stakeholders

Who uses a TOS?

A TOS is used by terminal operators, shipping lines, logistics providers, trucking companies, customs authorities and other stakeholders involved in the movement of cargo through a terminal.

What are the advantages of terminal operating system?

1. Streamlined process flow

2. Increased efficiency and productivity

3. Improved accuracy and reliability

4. Real-time data and visibility

5. Better inventory management

6. Enhanced customer service

7. Cost savings and reduced operational expenses.

What is cloud terminal operating system?

A cloud container terminal operating system refers to a software platform that operates on the cloud and is designed to manage container terminal operations. It consists of various modules that provide terminal operators with tools to manage their terminal operations, including vessel, yard, quay, and gate operations, among others. The system allows for real-time tracking, inventory management, revenue management, and automated workflow management. It enables container terminal operators to optimize their operational efficiencies, reduce terminal congestion, and improve throughput and productivity. Additionally, the cloud-based system offers scalability, cost-effectiveness, and high accessibility, making it suitable for modern-day terminal operations.