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Container Accounting, Billing, and Inventory Management Software

In the dynamic world of logistics, Container Inventory Management is pivotal. Utilizing Shipping Container Software equipped with GPS technology not only streamlines operations but significantly enhances efficiency. This approach, powered by cutting-edge technology, provides logistics companies with the comprehensive solutions they need to manage their inventory effectively. The integration of GPS offers real-time tracking capabilities, ensuring that containers are always accounted for and efficiently utilized, thereby optimizing the logistical workflow.

Optimizing Container Load

Container Leasing and Inventory

Container Leasing Software and Tracking Software Solutions are at the heart of modern logistics operations. The ability to monitor assets in real-time offers unparalleled security and global tracking capabilities, ensuring containers are utilized efficiently and safely. This segment of logistics technology plays a critical role in the management and optimization of container leasing operations.

Optimizing Container Load

Optimizing Container Load

Optimizing the load of a container is crucial for maximizing efficiency and reducing costs. Load Optimization Tools and Container Utilization Software provide a sophisticated platform for freight optimization, enabling logistics professionals to plan and execute cargo loading with precision. These tools not only improve efficiency but also contribute significantly to the optimization of container space.

Real-Time Container Tracking

Real-Time Container Tracking

Real-Time Container Tracking Systems revolutionize how logistics operations are managed. With Global Tracking Solutions and Cargo Tracking Technology, companies have the technology to monitor their shipments every step of the way, enhancing management practices and operational efficiency. This level of transparency is indispensable for modern logistics operations.

Shipping Container Management Software

Streamlining Operations with Shipping Container Management Software

Shipping Container Management Software is designed to streamline all aspects of container operations. From asset management to operational efficiency enhancements, this software is a game-changer for the logistics industry. It allows for seamless management of shipping containers, improving operations and reducing inefficiencies across the board.


Program features:

Container 2 - 10
  • Record repository: empty/loaded, tanks, trailers, vehicles, trucks
  • Rent/Storage/Repair/Movement accounting
Truck - 11
Movement control
  • Moving containers
  • Transport guide
  • Printing bills of lading
Calculator - 12
  • Incoming and outgoing invoices
  • Automatic creation of invoices for clients
Map - 13
Containers location
  • Containers tracking on the map
  • Movement optimization
Dashboard 1 - 14
Customers Reporting
  • Detailed reports’ generation for customers, sending news by email
  • export doc/xls/pdf
  • Dock activities’ development/maintenance
Page Speed 1 - 15
  • Cost reduction
  • Increasing staff productivity
  • Minimization of penalties
  • Increasing customer loyalty
User - 16
  • Personal accounts for staff
  • User rights and roles
Calendar - 17
  • Accounting for leased containers needs/requirements
  • Accounting for the storage of containers at different sites
  • Repair and maintenance
Mobile Development - 18
All OS support
  • Windows
  • Linux
  • Macos
  • Android
  • IOS



How does GPS improve container tracking?

GPS provides real-time location data, enabling precise tracking and improved security for containers globally.

Can GPS technology reduce operational costs?

Yes, by optimizing routes and improving container utilization, GPS significantly reduces logistical expenses.

Is GPS tracking beneficial for environmental sustainability?

Absolutely. GPS helps in planning more efficient routes, thereby reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

CIMS Integration Case:

Activity Logistic company
Storage capacity ~3500 TEU
Container types Empty, loaded, refrigerated
Cargo types Different types
Departments Central Russia

Applied solutions:

Before Now
Software No SaaS solution
Container record Excel and paper documents A single and conveniently structured interface that allows you to quickly get information about any tank at different sites
Reporting Manual creation in Excel tables. Daily sending of reports by email. Automatic generation of reports per sites.
Customs Control Manual reporting Personal accounts for representatives of the Customs Authorities
Communication with customers Email, phone Integrated messenger
Bookkeeping Manual storage day counting, loaded or empty. It took from 1 to 3 days for manual storage cost calculation. Automatic calculation of invoices at specified storage rates, taking into account free days with uploading to Excel.

Plan and Pricing:
Container record at the site. Empty, loaded, refrigerated.
Electronic requests for gate-in/gate-out through the customer’s personal account.
Description of tank defects in gate-in/gate-out certificate.
Adding scans while gate-in/gate-out specific container.
History of changes/editing of information about containers.
EDI data exchange with global tank lines (Maersk, CMA-CGM, etc.) About receiving, dispatching containers, repair status.
Your database import (Excel, XML, CSV)
ERP integration
Trial period
Server space 10 Gb 30 Gb 50 Gb


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