Recognition of container numbers

Speeds up the process - eliminates errors

Meet Contpark.VisionAI, an integral part of the Contpark.CTMS suite, designed for today’s advanced container terminals. This innovative module harnesses cutting-edge AI and OCR technologies to deliver unmatched precision in identifying container numbers. By simplifying operations and minimizing errors, it significantly boosts the efficiency and dependability of the entire system.

Core Advantages:

  • AI-Driven Recognition & ISO6346 Compliance: By harnessing advanced machine learning, Contpark.VisionAI not only provides unparalleled accuracy in container number recognition but also ensures compliance with standards for container checking..
  • Real-Time Processing: excels in real-time container number tracking, offering immediate identification results to keep terminal operations seamless and highly efficient.
  • Seamless Integration: Designed for easy integration with existing terminal management systems (TMS), expanding your facility’s capabilities without the need for extensive modifications
  • Enhanced Security: The system’s high-accuracy container number detection significantly bolsters the logistics chain’s security, ensuring only authorized containers are handled.
  • Operational Efficiency: The automation of container ID processes diminishes manual verifications, accelerates gate-in and gate-out activities, and refines yard planning and inventory management.

Embrace the future of container terminal management with Contpark.VisionAI. Our solution is tailored to meet the diverse needs of each terminal, offering a scalable, customizable tool that evolves with your business. Experience the transformative power of AI and advanced container code recognition efficiency with Contpark.VisionAI.


How does Contpark.VisionAI enhance terminal operations?

By employing advanced AI algorithms for real-time container number recognition, Contpark.VisionAI streamlines Gate In/Out processes, enhances security, and boosts operational efficiency by minimizing manual checks and errors.

What makes Contpark.VisionAI different from traditional recognition systems?

Contpark.VisionAI leverages cutting-edge AI technology trained on extensive datasets, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in container number recognition under various conditions, unlike traditional OCR systems that may struggle with variability.

How does Contpark.VisionAI contribute to terminal security?

By ensuring accurate and reliable identification of container numbers, Contpark.VisionAI helps maintain the security of the logistics chain, preventing unauthorized access and movement of containers.


Is Contpark.VisionAI easy to use?

Any manager who owns a smartphone camera will easily understand the principle of operation.

Does Contpark.VisionAI support mobile and desktop platforms?

Contpark.VisionAI supports all major operating systems including Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS, and Linux, ensuring smooth operation and data management across devices.


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