Cloud-based Container yard management system

Boost efficiency and streamline container terminal operations with ContPark’s advanced Yard Management System. Enhance the yard management process and optimize space to minimize congestion and boost productivity. Benefit from real-time visibility and automated processes for informed decision-making. Our yard software supports seamless integration with transportation and logistics systems, unlocking your terminal’s full potential.


Contpark is a system that combines the capabilities of a warehouse management system (WMS) with the specialised tracking and organisation functions of container yard. This system increases efficiency by automating operations with improved logistics.

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Reachstacker tasks

  • Simplifies operations, minimizes congestion, and optimizes resource use for increased productivity. Reachstackers handle cranes for container movements efficiently and manage precise location tracking within the terminal.

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Quick search

  • Offers real-time tracking, ensures inventory accuracy, and prevents container misplacement, boosting efficiency and service quality.

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Container Tracking Systems

  • Facilitates quick container searches, streamlines inventory and space utilization, and eliminates bottlenecks for faster handling and greater productivity.


Real-Time Terminal Operating System

Integration with CTMS

Deep integration with other systems, optimising infrastructure utilisation and creating a single container tracking platform, as well as seamless integration with other software modules. YMS implementation increases real-time productivity and reduces costs.

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Customer portal

The customer portal now integrates accounting software, invoicing software, and supports order fulfilment processes, enabling comprehensive monitoring of container operations such as gate-in and gate-out from the warehouse. Users can also efficiently manage and view accounting documents, simplifying the financial aspects of order processing directly through the portal.

Yard Consolidation

SaaS logistics

Our system provides real-time visibility and easy identification of containers, improving movement in yards and space allocation to reduce congestion. It integrates over the cloud with terminal operating systems, providing end-to-end visibility of container movement and improving efficiency. SaaS (cloud-based) is an efficient warehouse management solution that includes real-time tracking, cloud integration and optimisation algorithms. It is scalable, provides performance analytics and is suitable for terminals of any size, improving control and decision-making.

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Yard Operations

The system eliminates routine paperwork, providing unprecedented efficiency and accuracy in container handling and load management. It is based on flexible site tools, allowing real-time tracking of containers and optimizing space on the sites. With the integration of reachstacker operations, it enhances the storage and transport capabilities within the yard. This approach to operational planning ensures a seamless flow of containers, improving overall logistics performance.

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Yard Management

From warehouse logistics to dynamic task accounting, it’s a comprehensive method aimed at enhancing operational efficiency and inventory management. Simplifying the process of planning container placement, the software tools provide an eagle-eye view of your operations, ensuring that all transaction history is preserved. These tools facilitate effective space utilization, while tracking and real-time data analysis capabilities ensure precise monitoring and management of assets and tasks within the yard.

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Interfaces with TOS/TMS/CTMS/CDMS systems and is a beacon of integration, enabling data transfer between different modules of the system.

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Logistics Optimisation

The digital platform, designed for supply chain optimization, leverages cloud-based management & intermodal capabilities to enhance logistics & operational efficiency. It integrates inventory control & freight management systems, facilitating seamless coordination across yard depot & railway container terminal operations. By employing advanced analytics, the platform provides insightful data to streamline processes & improve decision-making.

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Gate Scheduling and Tracking

The module focuses on gate scheduling and tracking, designed to enhance operational efficiency by ensuring accurate and real-time tracking of container movements. Key features include gate efficiency for streamlined transport scheduling, scheduling accuracy to reduce wait times, and visibility enhancement for improved container tracking. The system leverages advanced tracking technology for precise movement analysis, optimizing logistics and transport management.

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Integration Tools

Leveraging EDI & API integration, Mobile application functionality, and data analytics, we enhance yard management efficiency. This cross-platform approach boosts visibility and facilitates digital transformation, seamlessly connecting RFID technology with modern digital tools.

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Customisable features for different container yard types and scalability to meet growing business requirements.

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Ensures safety and compliance with industry standards, and how its reporting tools help make decisions and improve processes.

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Repair & Maintenance

The system integrates container inspection, damage assessment, repair schedule, customer monitoring for repair, and repair cost estimates to enhance container maintenance efficiency. It identifies damages, assesses repair urgency, schedules necessary repairs, tracks customer repair progress, and provides cost estimates, optimizing lifespan and reducing downtime.



A Yard Management System (YMS) streamlines container movements within a terminal’s yard, boosting efficiency by up to 30%. It offers real-time tracking, optimizes yard layout, manages gate operations, monitors equipment, and generates reports.


Implementing a YMS improves gate throughput and yard space utilization. It reduces congestion, enhances container tracking accuracy, streamlines operations, and supports data-driven decisions, collectively boosting terminal productivity.


A YMS typically features real-time container tracking, yard planning, and optimization tools that enhance space utilization. Gate management functions reduce processing times, equipment tracking improves allocation efficiency, and advanced reporting and analytics boost operational insights. Integration capabilities with other systems further enhance terminal efficiency.

Yard Space Optimization

Using advanced algorithms, a CYMS increases space utilization, suggests optimal container stacking strategies that reduce handling distances, and cuts yard congestion, leading to smoother operations and significant cost savings.


Yes, YMS can integrate with various terminal systems, including the Terminal Operating System (TOS) and billing systems, improving data exchange and operational coordination by 20%, which streamlines processes and enhances productivity across the board.

Gate Operations

A YMS revolutionizes gate operations by automating check-ins and check-outs, cutting wait times, and boosting gate productivity. This leads to a smoother flow of trucks and containers, significantly enhancing operational efficiency.

Reporting and Analytics

With comprehensive reporting and analytics, a YMS provides insights to improve operational decision-making. It helps identify bottlenecks, track performance metrics, and analyze trends, leading to increased efficiency and productivity through optimized workflows.

Role in Terminal Productivity

A YMS enhances terminal productivity by optimizing container movements to reduce congestion, improve gate throughput, and enhance equipment utilization. It provides real-time visibility into operations, leading to increased handling efficiency for growing container volumes, making terminals more competitive and efficient.

ContPark: Streamline container terminal operations with our advanced Yard Management System. Maximize efficiency, reduce congestion, and optimize yard space utilization. Gain real-time visibility, automate processes, and improve overall productivity. Experience seamless integration and make data-driven decisions. Unlock the potential of your container terminal


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