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Software Solution for Container Depots

Contpark is a cloud-based depot and container inventory management software system that efficiently manages gate operations and repairs. With its comprehensive features, it manages container inventory control, tracking, maintenance scheduling, billing, and reporting. The software enables operators to optimise their processes and improve overall efficiency. An advanced in-house warehouse management system is in the DNA of the software suite, optimizing container depot operations.

Make your depot more productive!

The cloud-based depot management system transforms inland depot operations into a comprehensive logistics platform. It integrates asset handling, resource planning, and container freight station operations, including preparing containers for shipment to the port and streamlining EDI communication with shipping lines. This all-in-one platform manages inventory, tracking, maintenance, billing, and reporting, fostering seamless collaboration across departments and with shipping lines and other external partners.


Inventory - 1 Inventory: Quick search for container details and change statuses in the registry, accounting for stocks with easy parameter filtering. Enables swift import and export via Excel for efficient container management.
Новый Проект 3 - 2 Maintenance and Repair: Accounting of the condition of containers received at the terminal. Personal cabinet for customers to accept repair estimates.
Invoicing - 3 Billing and Invoicing: Overviews handling documentation and security checks, while automating invoicing and financial transactions for depot services
Dinamics - 4 Reporting & Analytics: Access real-time KPIs, operational, and financial data. Use EDI for seamless exchanges with shipping lines, streamline bookings, and swiftly create invoices. This precise approach enhances decision-making and strategic planning in container depot management.
Новый Проект 1 1 - 5 Tasking Cranes & Reachstackers: Implements advanced planning tools, including a non-GPS location system. Crane operators access coordinates on mobile devices, optimizing material handling and resource use.
Фото 1 - 6 Yard Management: Enhances container stacking, designs storage areas, integrates road transport logistics. Optimizes space utilization, ensuring efficient movement of containers and road vehicles within the depot.
Новый Проект 2 1 - 7 Mobile Application


Multi-language Action history Maintenance repair: Visual damage editor service, Acceptance/refusal of repair
Invoices: Enhances financial operations with automated invoicing, charge calculation, and transaction management. ERP Integration: Enables real-time data sync with ERP systems, improving accuracy across container inventory, financials, and operations. Eliminates redundant data entry, enhancing data integrity. Fines Reduction: Automates workflows, cuts manual errors, optimizes resource use, and reduces labor costs.
Documentation: Digitizes & centralizes operational documents, streamlining access, reducing paperwork, and ensuring regulatory compliance. Container Allocation: Provides tools for effective management of equipment and labor, maximizing utilization and minimizing downtime. Data Integration & Connectivity: Offers seamless integration with external platforms & IoT devices, enriching supply chain visibility & data exchange.
Reporting & Business Intelligence:Generates in-depth reports and analytics for operational insights, facilitating informed decision-making and strategic planning. Performance Monitoring & KPI Tracking:Tracks key performance indicators in real-time, aiding in performance improvement and target achievement. Workflow Collaboration:Promotes effective communication and coordination among
  • Operation notifications with containers
  • Chat with clients
  • Without using email
  • Support for customer

Other features

Container Tracking & Visibility

Tasks for reachstackers

Gate Operations and Automation

Repair and Maintenance

Workflow Optimization and Automation

Reporting and Analytics

Integration & Collaboration

Security & Compliance

Mobile Access

Regular updates


Scalability & Flexibility


Action history

Maintenance repair


What is it?

A software to automate and centralize depot operations, handling inventory, maintenance, billing, and reporting.

Key Benefits

  • Efficiency: Automates tasks and reduces paperwork.

  • Inventory Control: Offers real-time stock visibility.

  • Container Tracking: Provides efficient real-time tracking.

  • Maintenance Management: Simplifies scheduling and tracking.

  • Financial Accuracy: Ensures precise billing.

  • Data Insights: Delivers performance analytics.

Improving Customer Service

It speeds up container handling, reduces wait times, and offers accurate tracking, enhancing overall service quality.

System Integration

Yes, it integrates with logistics and supply chain systems for streamlined information exchange.


Yes, customization can tailor workflows, reports, and features to a depot’s unique needs and processes.

Examples of integration

TYPE Container depot. Reception / delivery: AUTO
Storage capacity 300-700 TEU
Warehouse Empty, loaded, tank
Services Storing empty, laden, filling, unloading
Region New Zealand
Departments Reception/dispatch, fixing team, accounting, storage / warehousing


Improved Previous
Yard Optimization Real-time space allocation Manual space assignment
Gate movements Automated processing system Manual check-ins and check-outs
Inventory Real-time monitoring Periodic manual inventory
Damage Inspection Digital submission with images Manual forms submission
Operational Reporting Instant analytics dashboards Weekly manual reports
Customer Interface 24/7 online portal access Limited office hours service

Maximize Efficiency

Discover the next level with our DMS, designed to streamline every aspect of your operations. From automated gate operations to sophisticated inventory management, our solution is built to increase productivity and reduce turnaround times.


  • Automated gates for efficient container in/out
  • Dynamic yard for optimal space utilization
  • Advanced damage inspection tools for accurate assessments
  • Robust reporting and analytics for informed decision-making

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Embrace innovation and let our Depot Management System transform your operations. Reach out to learn more about our technology and how it can tailor-fit your needs.

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