• Tank record at the site.
  • Prefixes and container number control.
  • Quick information search about a tank and its movement history.
  • Issue by exact tank number, as well as double checking in order to reduce error possibility.
  • Loading/unloading record.
  • Container status: loaded or empty.
  • Operations history for dispatchers, managers and crews.
  • Recorded changes in requests, acts and repair lists.
  • Recorded tank events.
  • Requests for receiving containers to the site.
  • Requests for departing containers from the site.
  • Terminal storage map.
  • Repair module.
  • Service module.
  • Stuffing/unstuffing/unloading/loading, washing, etc.
  • Notifications: sound, email, SMS.
  • User groups with different rights.
  • Customer’s personal account.
  • Personal computer settings.
  • Dispatcher’s personal account.
  • Repair team’s personal account.
  • Reach the stacker driver’s personal account.
  • Group policy of access.


Repair module:

  • Repair work interface (information about defects)
  • Sending a failure report to clients in automatic mode with pictures and repair statements in PDF format.
  • Confirmation from customers for any repair work
  • Completion report for clients, including automatic confirmation or refusal to repair in 2 clicks.
  • Statistical data record:
  • Statistics related to a tank total number
  • Statistics related to tank types and stocks
  • Statistics by repair type performed
  • Cost calculation of storing containers on site
  • Free days record (per each stock)


Directories integrated:

  • Contractor directory (all details).
  • Container type directory.
  • Rate directory (container storage).
  • Service rate directory.
  • Transport directory
  • Service directory (by type)
  • Repair cost directory (by type)
  • Reference information about the owner of a container.
  • Container availability
  • Designer of any container printing forms



  • Integration with ERP systems for assigning an invoice number to rendered services registry, tracking invoice payments.
  • Invoice creation and distribution to customers.
  • API integration with large shipping lines.
  • Data exchange — EDI. Integration with the EDI system (CODECO) to work with large operators.
  • Integration with any accounting software via XML/API.


Accounting department:

  • Advanced tariffication of services for various stocks.
  • Outgoing invoice records and completed service certificates.
  • Accounting for incoming invoices, completed service certificates.
  • Invoice creation and certificates of completed services in Excel, PDF, DOC format
  • Turnover balance sheet by site, by owner, by customer.
  • Customer reporting automation and EDI reporting



  • Notification system for employees
  • Alerts and notifications about the tank status, requests, certificates of completed services in a special interface
  • Email informing the participants of different processes
  • Data backup by any method.

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