Accounting system

Accounting module:

  • Accounting for containers at various sites with a territorial reference.
  • Control of prefixes and containers of numbers.
  • Quick search for information about the container and the history of missing messages.
  • Accounting for rental, transportation, and storage operations at various sites.
  • Services for the repair and implementation of acts with damage.
  • Calculation and billing of the cost of rent for counterparties, as well as storage at various sites.
  • History of operations and operations.
  • History of events around the container.
  • Location map based on GPS sensors.
  • Service module. Discharging / charging / unloading/ loading, washing, etc.
  • Notifications: sound, email, sms.
  • User groups with differentiation of rights by roles.

Repair module:

  • Interface of repair work with entering information about defects/formation of defects of acts.
  • Accounting for statistical data:
  • Statistics by type of service.

Reference books:

  • Directory of counterparties with all the details.
  • Reference book on types of containers.
  • A guide to rates for container storage by agents.
  • A guide to rates for services.
  • Directory of transport.
  • Directory of services by types.
  • Directory of repair costs by type of work.
  • Information about the availability of container types at the terminal.
  • Designer of any printed forms for containers.


  • Calculation of the cost of rent, storage, storage of invoices for customers.
  • Data exchange – EDI with widespread specialized services.


  • Advanced billing of services for various stocks.
  • Accounting for outgoing bills, invoices, and acts of work performed.
  • Accounting for incoming invoices, invoices, and acts of work performed. • Formation of an invoice, invoice, certificate of completion in Excel, PDF, or DOC format.


  • Registration system for terminal employees.
  • Notifications and restrictions on the status of containers, applications, and acts in the system.
  • Information notificatin by e-mail.

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