About us

ContPark is the best technological solution for container terminals

ContPark is an automatic container terminal management system that serves to optimize your internal processes, assign tasks/responsibilities between service personnel. This software has debugged customers’ interaction with dispatchers in a single information space, works with requests for container reception/discharge, report creation. Our accounting department has the ability to calculate the service price in a short period of time. Clients can observe stock dynamic statistics, container types and other parameters.

Security issue №1. The data stored on a special server has high-level encryption. An SSL certificate is also used — this is a digital signature of any website, which is necessary for a secure connection. With SSL all data between users and sites is encrypted in such a way that it becomes unreadable to third parties. You can implement two-factor authentication and IP subnet restriction.

A software intuitive interface was developed based on the feedback/wishes of employees and customers from different storage businesses/terminals.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with this program. We have great experience in software development (over 11 years). Creating a software product, we were guided by our personal experience in managing. All processes are automatic – in addition, our specialists will provide all necessary support, from consulting/training your employees to developing some apps for business.

We know how container sites are arranged from the inside. That is why technological innovations are embedded in the DNA of this product, which helps to increase efficiency, eliminate any human factors, speed up all processes, increase business efficiency and profitability.

We are waiting for you among our clients!

Sincerely yours, ContPark Team


Our partners

Our system works with all major operators in automatic mode using the EDI system. It is also configured to send reports of any stocks in Russia or the CIS.

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