AiVision.Contpark licence plate recognition system

IRetinal Scan - 1

Introducing Contpark.VisionAi, a new container number recognition module that enhances the level of automation and security in the logistics flow management of your container terminal.

Recognition with high accuracy: The module provides accurate recognition of container numbers using advanced OCR optical detection and Ai technologies.

ISO6346 standard: The system automatically checks container numbers against the ISO6346 standard, ensuring compliance with global standards and eliminating identification errors.

Use of IP cameras: The module integrates seamlessly with IP cameras to enable real-time scanning of container numbers, both video and photo.

Use in different scenarios: Whether containers are on a railway platform, container ship or are large or tank containers, the Contpark.VisionAi module provides efficient number plate scanning and control of correct operations.

Video streaming and photo scanning: The module processes the video stream from cameras and scans container number plates on photos, ensuring full coverage and reliability in the management process.

With Contpark.VisionAi, your logistics will become more accurate, automated, and reliable. Join us in implementing innovative solutions for your business.


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